Moss control on the lawn

Moss control

Spring seems to have finally arrived as the days are getting warmer and the grass is finally beginning to show signs of growth.

Many lawns at this time of the year will have suffered from moss invasion over the winter months. Moss seems to be particularly widespread this spring time, possibly caused by loss of grass cover from the dry summer of 2011.

Whatever the reason, to get your lawn back in shape quickly the moss will need controlling as soon as possible. Now is the ideal time for this task.

There are numerous products on the market for controlling moss in the lawn. The vast majority of these moss killer products contain sulphate of iron. It is this ingredient that controls the moss.

In many cases it is often mixed with a fertiliser and sometimes a selective weed killer. Products available for moss control are lawn sand and weed, feed & moss killer type products.

The majority of these products are available as granular or powder formulations and would ideally be applied with a walk behind spreader.The beauty of these spreaders is they are easy to calibrate and apply the product accurately and evenly on to the lawn.

When applying lawn sand always read the instructions on the bag or container. Most will say the following:

  • Apply during a still day to help an even application and prevent it contaminating other plants. Remember lawn sand is quite powdery and prone to being blown if it is too windy.
  • The soil should be moist at the time of application. This is nearly always the case during spring time, so should not be an issue.
  • Some lawn sand manufactures say the product should be applied during an early morning dew, other will say apply it to a dry surface. Either way should be OK, however many experts say if applied during a dew when the leaf is wet, the sulphate of iron sticks to the leaf of the moss and is more effective.
  • Don’t allow people or animals to walk on the grass until the lawn sand has been thoroughly watered in, to prevent any scorching. If no rain falls within 48 hours of the application it will need watering in well.
  • If possible mow the grass 3 days prior to the application and then leave it a further 3 days following the treatment.

In many cases the lawn may go black following the treatment, if this is the case don’t be alarmed as this is quite normal when using sulphate of iron based products.

The lawn sand should eventually kill the moss and after two weeks the moss can be removed from the lawn using a lawn scarifier or rake.




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